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How To Use SgCarGuide & Features


VIN Number Decoder

Add your vehicle VIN number, click on “Get Data” and watch how all the listing information will be automatically filled for you. Car Dealer with VIN number decoder is the easiest way to add vehicles to your inventory.

WordPress Car Dealer Vin Number Decoder

Quick Inventory Access View

Full Dealership inventory access with one click from your dashboard highlighting price, make-model, VIN number, vehicle photo and more, delete-edit-preview your car listing right from this module.

WordPress Car Dealer Theme Inventory

Vehicle Information

Streamlined and easy to fill vehicle information with car condition, year, exterior-interior color, vehicle type and more, you can use the provided options or setup your own labels in the SgCarGuide Dealer administration.
WordPress Car Dealer Theme Vehicle Information

Craigslist Integration and Code Generator

With the included Craigslist integration in the Premium and Deluxe packages on the Car Dealer account you can copy and paste the pre-formatted code from the Craigslist Code Generator module and have beautiful ads formatted on your Craigslist account ready to publish.

WordPress Car Dealer Theme Craigslist Integration

Gorgeous Galleries

You can have a huge photo gallery showcasing your vehicle in seconds, upload batch images and publish, delete, re-order and edit photo information right from your listing editor, the theme will process, crop and resize your images to fit all modules.
WordPress Car Dealer Theme Gallery

YouTube and Vimeo Integration

Add video to your individual car listings in no time, Car Dealer account features a Video Module on the listing editor where you can copy/paste YouTube or Vimeo video ID and the video will show up in the features and overview tab o the single listing page and formatted to fit your layout.

WordPress Car Dealer Theme Video Review

Full Vehicle Specifications

With the optional full vehicle specifications, you can post extremely detailed information about your vehicle, this module is optional and you can show-hide the module in your widgets sections in the administration.

WordPress Car Dealer Theme Full Vehicle Specifications

Add your own labels and options to the search module.

Add your own labels and options in the search module and setup fields section of the Car Dealer administration, from writing labels in your own language to changing the whole purpose of the theme you can convert Car Dealer theme from a regular dealership template to your own business theme, the search module setup will give you extreme flexibility in making your own theme.
WordPress Car Dealer Theme Search Fields Setup

Currency and Metrics in for your own country.

General Business Phone, Currency and Metrics selector will allow you to display the theme on your own language metrics and currency symbols.

WordPress Car Dealer theme Currency and Metrics Selector

Widgets Everywhere.

Car Dealer Account is heavily based on Widgets giving you the option to show and hide almost any part of the theme from your visitors and making Car Dealer theme to look as a state of the art unique theme for your visitors and customers to enjoy.

WordPress Car Dealer Theme Widgets

WordPress Car Dealer Theme Widgets Sidebar

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