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SGCARGUIDE recommends the best-skilled Mechanics for your car inspections, regular servicing and upgrades.

And we have tried, tested and recommended car owners to :

Mr. Yong – You may contact him directly

@ +65 8268 3282 (Do mentioned that SGcarGuide recommended so that you can get the best advice – prior to your pre-inspection, or buying a car, or simply repairing your car) a veteran that have been upgrading on his skills on major brands of cars, namely :

BMW, AUDI,  Mercedes, Hyundai, KIA, Toyota, Honda, VW, etc.  a mixed breed of continental and japanese / korean cars.

Several kinds of shops repair and service cars. Save money by choosing a car-repair option other than a dealership (which costs the most). Each car pro has drawbacks, as well as advantages.

– *Chain and department stores: Generally less expensive than dealerships. They usually stock a wide variety of parts, and provide guarantees on parts and labour. Many also accept coupon and discount mailers from competitors.

– *Several organizations test, rate, and certify good service facilities or individual technicians:

Independents: Many independent shops are less expensive than dealerships. The best independents offer honest, reliable, and experienced independent mechanics.

  • Specialists: Deal with a specific type of repair, such as brakes, transmissions, or mufflers, or work only on specific makes or types of vehicles, such as imports, motorcycles, or vans.

  • Referrals: Ask people who drive the same make vehicle as you do where they go for repairs, and then check out the shops (and find out which to avoid).



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