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Why ECU Tuning ? how your car will benefit from it.

Our Expert Motorsports Car Tuning Speciaist will explain and show you the performance after a full Dyno Tuning session.


What are the benefits of ECU Tuning ?

1. To optimized the overall hardware setup and for engine to be more efficient.
2. To fine tune the fuel system So the default setting in the ECU matches the fuel pressure in order to maintain a more consistent performance and various Air-Fuel mixture for various purposes be it drag race or track.
3. Fine tune intake and exhaust VVT(Cams) to achieve a wider range of performance from low to high rpm and from cruising to wide open throttle and to match exhaust flow characteristic.
4. Adjust turbo boost for various purposes (Drag or Track)
5. Finally ignition timing tuning to achieve MTBT (Minimum Timing Best Torque)

*Some live tuning as dyno test results.

Before & After – Using Dyno and ECU Tuning :



The Above Results after tuning from the following car:

  1.   Factory Default Programmed Car:
    1. 265 NM. And. With an 183 HP

A big difference in performance and ECU programmed

2. Final Results after Dyno Tuning:


Interested to learn more and find out how much will it cost and please send us your Enquiry and we will get the best quote for you:

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